About me and this blog

Since I´ve got so many visitors on my homepage  www.blomsterprakt.com from other parts than my homecountry Finland, I decided to create this blog in English just for you! I am a gardener, totally mad about my big garden. I love perennials, especially rare ones, so I spend a lot of time searching for plants and seeds that are hard to find in my local garden center. From early spring to late autumn I spend about all my spare time in my garden. Digging, sowing, and working on new garden projects. It’s a never ending story. =) I live in Finland and our climate is really tough sometimes and it’s a challenge to grow anything here. Winters are sometimes very wet, without a protecting snow cover for the plants or really, really cold. Summers are short and often chilly and rainy until July. I hope you will find lots of joy and inspiration by following me in this blog!


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