I’ve got a thing about anemones. I just love this plants because the flowers, and even the buds are simply beautiful. These are now flowering in my garden:

Anemone hupehensis ´Little Princess`  This is a small variety, only about 40 cm high. I bought this plant this spring and i really hope it will survive the upcoming winter. I put it in a raised bed to keep it a little more protected.  The backside of the flowers is dark pink.


This is ´Wild Swan`. It’s in the same raised bed as the `Little Princess´ This is also bought this year. ´Wild Swan`flowers continuously all summer long and the backside of the flowers is purple. It’s really stunning and has already become one of my favourite plants in my garden. I just hope it survives the winter.

Another beauty and the most hardy of autumn flowering anemones is Anemone tomentosa´Robustissima´.This is a tall anemone and it grows in part shadow with my hostas and rhododendron. This year it started to flower earlier than other autumns. Usually it begins to flower in late september and you are not sure if it’s going to happen before the frost takes it. My plant has a lot of buds this year! I don’t think I have ever seen so many on it. Maybe it liked all the rain we got this summer.I’ve read somewhere that this plant could be a bit aggressive and spreads easily, but with me it stays in the same spot. I like it.

More anemones are about to join these in my garden. I recently bought seed from Anemone leveillii, anemone narcissiflora and anemone rivularis and put them into pots the other day. It said that the seed should be sown fresh, but I’ve never tried to sow anything in autumn so let’s see how this works out. I’m a little worried of all the weeds that will show up in my pots in spring so I don’t won’t know where the real plants are. I decided to save some seeds for my winter-sowing, just in case. That sowing method has always worked for me.




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