Late-flowering beauties.

Today is september 1st and that means that summer is over and autumn is coming. In september you are still able to plant something and all the spring flowering bulbs must be planted now. But after this month it could already be cold and frosty. Last year, 2015 we had a very long warm, and rainy autumn and pre-winter without snow and cold so you could actually plant something really late. This year I have ordered some peony-roots that are arriving in the middle of october, so I am a little worried about the weather conditions then. I really hope we won’t get snow or frozen ground before my roots arrive.:P If we do, I have to take plan B and storage them until spring. Don’t know how good idea that is…

I still have many perennials flowering in my garden. Phlox paniculata, Hemerocallis, Lilies, Lythrum, Monarda, Clematis, Dianthus, Echinaceae, Gentiana and many more. Below you will find some of them.

Dianthus `Spooky`

Echinaceae purpurea

Monarda didyma. The butterflies are crazy about this plant on sunny days.

Lythrum `Rosy gem´



Gentiana asclepiadea

An absolutely stunning double-flowered lily. My tag says ´Magic star´, but I am a little bit unsure about that. The flowers are much paler pink than on the picture of ´Magic star´.

I love late-flowering perennials and I have a lot of them in my garden. Just have to take time to really enjoy them now before they are gone. :/ Next week my spring-bulbs are probably arriving. It’s gonna be a great job to get them all in the ground. Every year I say to myself that I have enough of them in my garden

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, but then I see something really nice in a catalogue and I just got to have it..and this one, and that one….and…and…:P

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